Holy Mother of God!

Yes jesus…



I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?

man end of summer sales popping up all over the place because school’s about to be back in session and it’s like “whoa damn shit what did I do this summer”

like i know the school thing doesn’t apply to me and I know it’s not the official end of summer but whatever

I leveled up in art?? like, majorly, so that’s cool

still crying over characters from That One Manga tho is not so cool at all and rather negates that

I’ll also have been playing FFXIV for almost a year now whoa

also means I stopped officially rping for that long too

I wonder if it even counts as a hiatus at this point

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The Legend of Zelda : Feather Time.

Join this new epic adventure introducing pigeon Link !

… Well I wanted to create an epic legend …. with birds ^p^” !


First of all, thank you very much ! Merci beaucoup ^u^

Never excepted so much likes on the legend of Zelda : Feather Time, so I tried to see if it works with some games …. now I think I can see birds and pigeons on everything ! Imagine these epic games only with pigeons and turtle doves !

I’ll call this idea: Story-bird ! 

If you could choose only one game on the list, which one would you choose ? :p 

i’m a lot less ashamed (read: not at all) of that than what I was trying to write earlier


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accesstheanimus asked: "delsin x cissnei + ass eating I DID MY PART NOW YOU DO YOURS I DON'T CARE IF THAT'S NOT A REAL MOOD."


Cissnei’s finger stopped on the way to scroll through menus on her phone, and she looked back to Delsin in sheer incredulity. “Excuse me?”

"I have to repeat myself? Ugh, fine." Delsin had the nerve to roll his eyes and sigh heavily, as though this wasn’t a big deal when she knew he had just been waiting to put it out there. “I. Want. Ass. Specifically, yours. That’s what I’m in the mood for, you can put the phone down, the take out can wait, go put your face in a pilow. Let’s go.”

"Don’t you say it - "

"I’m hungry for you."


"Gimme the butt!"

countessnoir asked: "nadja + tension"

She felt it as keenly as the wind on her skin, except it made the hair on the back of her neck rise, in anticipation of the strike, the lightning. The sky may be full of stars but all she could feel was the weight of storm clouds threatening to suffocate her from within as well as without.

And Nadja knew where it would come from, where she had to go. Her restless hands flexed and clenched and could find no respite in daily living, nor on his body when she kept the inevitable at bay by letting him become her shield.

Eventually, she told him that she had to go. Just once more, hopefully. When she returned, they would go from there. For now, she had to leave Ul’dah, she had to leave her family and him, and make her way back to that frightening truth she only caught a glimpse of outside the Garlean stronghold.

It was time to go see mother.

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Ok ok I’m done now.

hope he gave her a big tip


Ok ok I’m done now.

hope he gave her a big tip

i was actually painting K’tharl but this was just the kind of pick me up i needed sorry gotta indulge in a crap canon bbl

i’m gonna be on this damn thing all day, oh my god

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